Development of innovative technologies

E-PIC S.r.l. provides research and development support activities, innovation and optimization of processes, process intensification, assistance and consulting services, through technological and scientific innovation transfers from academic to industrial field. More into details, it provides technical support in designing and development of new equipment and engineering knowledge in:

  • Research and development activities
  • Prefeasibility studies
  • Multi-client reports
  • Design and engineering of bench scale and pilot plants
  • Scale up and design of industrial plants
  • Process simulations
  • Problem solving
  • Support in the development of research projects funded by European Community, Ministry of Economic Development and Italian Regions

E-PIC S.r.l. promotes the development of new research projects, increasing customer profitability, thanks also to its scientific, technological and commercial partnerships.
Thanks to the fruitful collaboration with the University of Turin (DSTF, Department of Drug and Science Technology), E-PIC S.r.l. can operate the most advanced technologies in the field of ultrasounds and microwaves.

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FlowSynth innovative reactor ROTOSynth reactor for research
MicroSynth innovative reactor SynthWave reactor for research Pirex Horn - process intensification


DSTF-UniTO owns some of the most advanced technologies in the microwave field to process liquids, solids and slurries, such as:

- Flow-Synth: continuous flow microwave reactor
- Roto-Synth: microwave reactor with rotating vessel
- MicroSynth: microwave reactor to treat large and small volumes
- SynthWave: microwave reactor able to operate under pressure and controlled atmosphere

Moreover, it is possible to test Pyrex horns for new applications, exploiting microwave and acoustic cavitation at the same time.

E-PIC S.r.l. provides technical support to their customers in all phases of technological development path, proposing exhaustive solutions for all technological requirements. From preliminary proof of principle tests on bench scale and pilot plants to final design of industrial plants.

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