Hydrodynamic cavitation in the cosmetic industry

For which applications of the cosmetic industry the ROTOCAV hydrodynamic cavitator can be successfully applied?

ROTOCAV hydrodynamic cavitation technology can be successfully applied for the optimization of the main process steps of Cosmetic Industry (mixing, homogenization, solubilization, functionalization, hydration of thickeners and stabilizers, production of stable emulsions) for the preparation of lotions, creams and ointments.

In a single passage into the cavitation chamber of our hydrodynamic cavitator it is possible to:

  • Mix viscous fluids, even with different viscosities
  • Homogenize dyes/pigments/fragrances, or stabilizers, or active ingredients into the product

Which are the advantages of a ROTOCAV cavitator in an industrial cosmetic plant?

The result of the rapid and cheap treatment is a high quality final product.

Some examples of products with the ROTOCAV hydrodynamic cavitator
Some examples of products with the ROTOCAV hydrodynamic cavitator

ROTOCAV brochure for the cosmetic industry:

ROTOCAV brochure for the cosmetic industry

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